The Benefits of Empowered Space Clearing

The Benefits of Empowered Space Clearing

Date: May 8, 2022

The benefits of empowered space clearing are many, but here I list you a few:

  • More Space to Celebrate Life. 
  • Freedom from old attachments that no longer serve you.
  • Freedom from old beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Ability to develop your inner gifts.
  • Feel greater Love for Yourself.
  • Continual growing and expanding your Abundance.
  • Fun Relationships, that satisfy your Soul.
  • Knowing your space is always being cleared and supported.
  • This is done remotely, and all you need to do is receive.

   There are some very unique systems I have learned and developed to bring my weaving of delight to clear space around you, in you, through you, while creating new vibrant, thriving energy in all that wonderful space. 

Many years ago, I cleaned offices for my income. I kept getting referred by clients, until I only cleaned Therapists offices. Every time I walked into those offices, I was bombarded by all this dense emotion. It was gagging, so I set about clearing the space so I could carry on with dusting. This was all the dumped emoted feelings of the clients that had not been properly taken care of. The Therapists loved my work, said I was the best cleaner ever. I was shy to say what I did, didn't want to woo-woo myself out of work. 

Funky Energy Happens

  • A Disagreement
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Recycled furniture...(yes it carries the energy of the old residence). 
  • Addictions
  • The Neighbors fight

The list goes on and on....

​This energy fills the space, including your bed, Earth Ley Lines, walls, etc. You know that the funky energy is there, maybe you sage, or do salt, or simply get used to it. You can ask your self right now...when is the last time I energetically cleared my Home?

When the trauma, thought patterns, decisions, vows, cords, and all that programming of life is gently blessed, cleared, and given a new job, and your frequency uplifted, your Will is there to Support and Love your Heart. This is Empowerment for you,and a blessing the Earth and the Water. 

What I offer to you is advanced, and ancient, and simply put...makes common sense. 

We are so much bigger than our bodies. Yet we get stuck in this small space because we forget that we can expand as large as we want to. When our space is clear, when our bodies energetic systems are clear and operating on a frequency that is delightful, then you can expand yourself. This feels great!!!

The clearing and blessing of all space around you and in you is vital to thrive. The blessing of energy, removal when appropriate, and the intent of beneficial energy for all creates the frequency that supports your thriving and growing.

I have discovered that it greatly increases the clearing and empowerment to first clear and activate the space you live in, or work in.

You may choose to only have your space cleared if:

  • You are moving into a new Home. 
  • You are selling your Home.
  • You want to clean your space from clutter.
  • You sense a spirit lives in your space.
  • A Death, Divorce, or breakup happened.
  • You, or a loved one is in the hospital.
  • Your Office is congested.
  • A Natural Disaster Occurred.

​This Clearing Includes

  • Earth lines (Hartmann and Curry ley lines) Blessed and Cleared.
  • Earth Energy Cleared.
  • Home Cleared and blessed of all non beneficial energies.
  • Your bed blessed, and cleared of congested energy.
  • Earth Bound Spirits Cleared.
  • Water Blessed with Gratitude.
  • Electrical Devices charged with Beneficial energy.
  • An activation of Beneficial Energy for you and your Space.
  • A report of where I found and cleared the non beneficial energy, and the infusion of light or essence that was activated. 

The clearing is done weekly for 4 weeks, with a brief report of findings and new activations. ( 1 main report, and 3 mini reports).

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