About The Clearing for You

About The Clearing for You

Date: May 8, 2022

You may choose to clear you if:

  • You are empowering Yourself for Success.
  • You feel scattered.
  • Your mind is too busy.
  • You are clearing disease, and stress.
  • ​You feel trapped, you want to make a change.
  • You are curious if you can feel calmer, more centered.
  • You know that there are blocks to release.

This is a Blessing of all the non-beneficial energy in and around You. I do all of the remote clearing with Source energy, Universal Intelligence, Love, Light, Your Higher Self, and many other Divine energies that love to share in these clearings. Sometimes the energy is not yours, so it is blessed and moved on to a place I call the Cosmic Compost Pile. The clearing does exactly what best serves You at the time given.

There are strong shields activated to only let in beneficial energy. It is subtle and goes deeper and deeper into old patterns if you choose to receive clearings for several months. I never need to know any of your life experiences, and my work is done without you even needing to participate. It exemplifies any therapies that you are working with, and harmonizes the frequencies.

Over Time, this brings the Soul into Unity. Across all Time, Space and Dimensions. 

A few of the non beneficial energies that are transformed or released are thought patterns, curses, vows, cords, chakra congestion, karma, Earth bound Spirits, and detrimental Archetypes.

I also clear your relationship with your names through life, and your relationship with yourself.

​You are infused with the energy that your Higher Self picks, usually a color, sound, or flower essence.  

All of this happens to create Harmony and Peace for the greatest good, so it doesn't knock you off your feet, yet gently grounds you into appropriate Earth Grids.

Your children from conception to 12 years old are included in this clearing if you choose to enter their names.

Children from 12 to 18 that live with you are $30 a month more. 

Pets love this energy, too.

This Clearing Includes​:

  • Everything from the list for Home clearing
  • Old Detrimental Attachments gone.
  • All non beneficial energy that isn't yours released with Blessings.
  • Abundance Blocks Gone.
  • Energy Blockages Cleared.
  • Chakras cleared and balanced.
  • Time lines cleared across all time, space, and dimensions.
  • All non beneficial and detrimental energy blessed, and cleared.
  • A report after 1st clearing about what was cleared at that session, what energy was infused, and any extra information that I receive.
  • Clearing done weekly for 4 weeks, with 1 main report, and 3 mini reports.
  • Empowerment to expand your Vibration and Aura. 

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