About Relationship Clearings

About Relationship Clearings

Date: May 8, 2022

You may Choose to Clear Relationships if:

  • You are having a difficult time with them.
  • You still think about an old relationship.
  • You are needing clearer communication at work.
  • Your Family is not Happy.
  • You are overly sensitive to other people.

This clears the space between you and another person. It works on many layers, and brings greater peace to you, and the environment surrounding you. Many times, people have profound internal clearings by doing relationship clearings. It is a Blessing and releasing of all that is not in the best interest for you, and brings Atonement to the past experience with them. 

This clearing includes:

  • Everything from both previous clearings.
  • A report on any findings and infusions of energy.
  • Continued clearings for one month,
  • With more input as new layers of clearing emerge.

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