Home Clearing For One Month

Home Clearing For One Month

This remote clearing is comprehensive and uplifting to all detrimental energies in your home. I utilize my 40 years of training in dowsing, and my intuition, to detect congestion in the ley lines of the earth, portals, distortions in all the energy fields in your home, lost entities and trickster spirits. These are then cleared with the appropriate energy that stabilizes and protects. Then all beds, furniture, plumbing, and space is cleared.

This service is awesome for counselors and healers as it continues to keep your office clean.

I will do the first clearing within 24 hours of your purchase, and then I check daily to see if any adjustments or clearing needs to be done. This is great if you have visitors over, or lots of difficult emotions in your home.

I email a detailed report 24 hours after clearing, and whenever an update occurs.

I am available for answering questions, and I love my work. It has helped so many families and People.


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